Design elegant, technologically advanced architectures. Build sustainable and energetically autonomous homes according to green building criteria of the advanced thinking of URBAN-BIO, thanks to the central role of wood and the most advanced cooling, heating and home automation systems.


We create sustainable and energetically autonomous housing projects according to the green building criteria of advanced URBAN-BIO thinking. We do this by managing the processes to add value and transform the real estate assets, overseeing all the development phases: from the feasibility analysis, to the master plan, to the design up to the complete implementation and completion of the project. Wood, due to its extraordinary structural characteristics in terms of ecology, insulation and solidity, plays a fundamental role in our construction philosophy.
The fundamental aspect that distinguishes us on the market is the multidisciplinary approach that we are able to provide, extremely articulated and based on skills that the team has developed over the years through countless projects of collaboration and technology transfer with companies operating in different sectors.


Urban-Bio is a state-of-the-art reality in the world of architecture and construction. All the players, even if they have specific interdisciplinary skills, always act guided by the Human House philosophy. The integrated approach is based on relevance, the choice of high quality materials and the use of eco-resources for the construction project.

The advanced standards of energy management in the perspective of a self-sufficient home are, therefore, the result of a well-balanced synergy between the parties that is achieved thanks to the specific know-how acquired by each one in their various original fields.