Residenze Passeggi is a renovation and expansion project built in XLAM wood, both for the replacement of the current attic and for the walls on the second and third floors. For aesthetic reasons the ceiling is instead built with exposed beams and bleached planks.
For the interior cladding and partitions, the advanced dry processing technique is used, which, thanks to the particular wood fibre finishes (GYPOLIGNUM by Fassa), guarantees a superior thermal, acoustic and structural performance.
Great attention is given to heat and sound insulation, implementing a rock wool cladding system that, combined with the inner lining, determines an A4 energy class level.

All housing units represent a return to the past in terms of unit size. Remarkable space for the living room, large and liveable (> 55 sqm), bathroom for the living area, laundry/storage room, double bedroom, single bedroom, 2 bathrooms in the sleeping area, habitable and usable terraces on the south and west fronts.
A significant plus is the private garage, an exclusive store in the basement and an external parking space.