Residenze Passeggi apartments are extremely safe and welcoming thanks to the use of excellent systems, starting from the double heating system of the single building, which is also performing from the point of view of energy saving.
To cool and heat the single unit, the installation of a water-ducted heat pump system with ducted and ceiling fitted fan coils (Mitsubishi) is planned.
With the same system mentioned above and with the aid of 2 solar panels and 1 300L boiler for each building unit, the domestic hot water is produced.

The real technological innovation in terms of heating is the floor system with an electric heating net made of amorphous metal tape. This system can be used independently, without the need to use the air system, or in combination with it.
Each unit has a home automation system with controls for scenarios, thermoregulations, opening and closing of blinds and shutters.

The intercom system is on an IP basis, therefore connected to the web, while the satellite technology for using TV programs is SCR (the only cable with splitting for the TV socket and Sat in every room).
The possibility of an alarm system is set up, with particular regard to the protection of the window apertures.

Consistent with the Urban-Bio construction philosophy, particular attention is paid to energy consumption and the reduction of environmental impact. The photovoltaic energy production mode (about 3.00 kW for each unit) is emission-free and helps to make the individual housing units partially self-sufficient.
At condominium level, a dedicated photovoltaic system fulfils the needs and is not at all exorbitant in the condominium costs.