BIO and SEA Residence is a new construction project entirely built using the latest “green building and green architecture” techniques, a striking combination of the “philosophy” of green building and living, attentive to the needs of those who occupy the spaces and the sea as a place of wellbeing, a good life therapy.

The ‘BIO and SEA’ project, born from the sophisticated Urban-Bio construction thinking, highlights the aesthetic and formal aspects of architecture, but also the saving of environmental resources and, above all, the psychophysical wellbeing of the people who will benefit from the housing structures.

The location of the Residence, in via Aquileia – between Piazza Drago and Piazza Trieste a short walk from the beach – is counted among the most interesting in the district, both because central to the “Jesolana” life, and for the landscape which, at the corner with Via Berlino, it is not suffocated by buildings that are “too” adjacent, freeing its evocative potential and restoring an image of Jesolo suspended between river and countryside.
In fact, from the refined, modern and spacious terraces the lovely sunsets can be admired with a 360° view of the fascinating expanse of the lagoon.

Garden Immobiliare di Pebe s.r.l.
Piazza Trieste n. 18
30016 Jesolo Lido (VE)
P. 0421.372887 – F. 0421.373345
Legal Representative
Mr. Marco Pegoraro
M. +39 393 4737078

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