Urban Bio was born and designed starting from a Human-centred approach that sees the human being as the pivot for all constructive solutions. Our homes are not just ‘living spaces’, they are getting closer and closer to the concept of Human House, extremely cosy houses built on man’s needs to make everyday life a moment of sensory relaxation.
Tangible answers to our current needs for maximum comfort and energy self-sufficiency, as we are all becoming more aware and attentive.

More “human” houses:

• Because they are designed with functional aesthetic style to satisfy the senses of the most sophisticated personality, without forgetting the practical dimension.
• Because through the use of wood, a material with numerous qualities, they transmit the feeling of a lively, warm and safe environment. In fact, wood is extraordinarily solid and anti-seismic, naturally perfumed and hygienic, antistatic and able to absorb noise. Living comfort is essential to enjoy the home, rather than as a “roof over our head”, but a reassuring and welcoming refuge.
• Because it is a solution within our “reach”: in fact, by aiming at maximum energy efficiency we can guarantee low consumption.
• Because it is in constant dialogue with eco-sustainability principles. We are constantly striving to limit the environmental impact of our infrastructures, already considering in the embryonic phase of the project, the pace and natural resources, without causing harm or discomfort to others and to the environment, trying to fit harmoniously into the context, including through the total reuse of space and materials.


energy saving


Sustainable dwelling built
according to green
building criteria


Little cement
= minimum humidity
and maximum healthiness


Environmental comfort thanks to the natural warmth of wood and dry assembly systems


Single energy supplier (electric only or renewable sources) maximum personal safety


Reduced maintenance
of the installations


of installations


Certain, transparent
and reduced running costs